Additional Materials

Discussion Questions

  1. How have you seen other forms of governmental discrimination against isolated communities today? 
  2. How has the US been hypocritical about race, concerning the 1924 immigration act? 
  3. How does limiting a country to only a small number of ideals and cultures dilute their worldview in a larger perspective? 
  4. How has the US used fear tactics to keep themselves on top as a superpower?
  5. How can the US integrate future mutually beneficial agreements in an ethical and fair trade? 
  6. How can idealistic isolation persist in a system as such? 
  7. Can race really define a community or do humans establish differences through recognized culture? 
  8. Is it unjust to validate a nation of being nationally discriminatory just because they are also able to claim they discriminate against people of their own communities? 
  9. How has the US recognized its action as being wrongful? 
  10. Discuss the normalization of oppression in. modern day