My research question is looking at how immigration policies in the U.S have, over time, further cemented already established notions of racism against those who are “unalterably foreign.” And how these attitudes of superiority have taken over various systems regarding economic and labor force prejudices. I will be investigating this within the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 and the implementation of the Bracero Agribusiness Program as well as the Immigration Act of 1924. This will hopefully allow us to view the structurality of the “white vs. not” power dynamic we persistently see in our society through history and still today. This aims to break down these social standards and stereotypes which continue a racialized cycle of social oppression, by questioning the notion of citizenship and what constitutes one race apart from the other.

Some sources I already knew I wanted to use for this, which I have already in the past for other projects. Finding these, I used the college library finder to search out the specific books and articles, the same sites I used for most of the other sources. For a few, I did have to find the PDF’s on jstor, though still reliable. I wanted to use a mix of both the actual documents, as well as analytical articles discussing the interworking and effects of the implemented policies. This should provide a more well-rounded approach to the historical side as well as the logistics of why these imbalances occur and persist to stay.